Excellent initiative: focussing on the diversity of national and regional wines is essential.

P Bello, House of Hallgarden

Congratulations on your choice of location, and for the general organization that provided for excellent, professionally conducted tastings. In summary we were able to register many interested trade parties with whom we are now in partnership

Gianluigi Loi, Wine Holder
Azienda Vitivinicola Alberto Loi

The experience at the London event has been overwhelmingly positive. The Conference Hall is a charming location in the centre of London, and the support offered to companies was impeccable. The steady influx of people continued throughout the day – I wasn’t able to take even a minute off! We met with importers, journalists, bloggers, and wine consultants; many people, all showing an interest. I do not know if it could get any better.

Marco Statti, Responsabile Commerciale
Statti srl