The Exhibition

Now in its seventh edition, the Real Italian Wine & Food, the wine and food event dedicated to the UK market, has announced the date for the next edition which will take place again at the prestigious Church House Conference Centre, located in the heart of London, a short walk from Westminster, from 10 am to 18, Tuesday, 31st October 2017.

For years, countries such as France, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina, and even smaller wine-producing countries, have held tastings for specialist traders to ensure the presence of qualified merchants. With the Real Italian Wine & Food, Italy now also has an event in London dedicated to professionals that offers an excellent selection of wines and food, both already widely distributed and those without a UK distributor. The event is ideal for medium-to-large producers and traders, as well as much smaller concerns who share their aims.

At the Real Italian Wine & Food, only industry professionals are invited, including:

  • agents
  • distributors
  • buyers for restaurants, wine merchants, delicatessens, and online retailers
  • sommeliers of top-class restaurants
  • magazine journalists and critics
  • chefs

Real Italian Wine & Food therefore offers operators an excellent opportunity to establish direct contact with selected producers and traders, and at the same time, affords both consortia and marketers of Italian wines the opportunity to educate a highly qualified and committed audience.

Despite difficult global economic conditions, the UK is undertaking an economic recovery and figures for the importation of Italian wines into the United Kingdom are very positive, confirming the importance of the market for exports of Italian wine and food. This is also due to growing public interest from Britain in Italy itself, and consequently for its products. A sophisticated market such as Britain cannot be ignored, especially when taking into account its proximity to, and links with Italy. Once contacts are established with operators, it is a market that is easy to reach, and to serve.