Real Italian Wine & Food a Londra, ottimi risultati per le aziende italiane

This year edition of Real Italian Wine & Food (RIWF) was a great success. Like every year, the event took place last Tuesday, October 31, at the Church House Conference Center in Westminster, London., attended by over fifty Italian companies, equally divided between the wine and agri-food sectors. As always, producers came from various Italian regions: Sardinia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Sicily and Veneto. The presence of business operators has been of a qualitatively high standard, as noted by the organizers who in a note explain how “after the uncertainties of last year, due to the referendum on Brexit, today British operators are returning to look for new product to enrich their own offering. The encouraging data on the economy, with the interest rates just raised by the Bank of England, leave further confidence. The London market marks a positive sign with the ever-increasing number of Italian business openings, such as restaurants, delicatessen and wine bars. ” With a delegation of over 25 companies that have presented all of the region’s most famous wines and also agri-food products, Sardinia has been region guest of honor at the RIWF this year. As stated in a press release by the Sardinian Region, “this year the Real Italian Wine & Food, for Sardinian companies was an important opportunity to bid on foreign markets and in particular to the British market. Producers have had the opportunity to meet local importers and start negotiations for the marketing of Sardinian products in London. Especially appreciated wines. Dozens of British experts have tasted a selection of the best wines of the island in a Masterclass: from Cannonau to Vermentino, from Carignano to Monica”. Presenting Sardinian wines during a one hour Masterclass was Peter McCombie, Master of Wine , among the most renowned Italian wine experts in the UK.
The formula of Real Italian Wine & Food – the organizers conclude in a note – works: a maximum of 60-70 Italian producers are able to meet, interact and establish business relationships with British operators. Typically more than 250 operators participate to the RIWF event. So there is a good balance between the number of producers attending and the operators involved, in an elegant, professional setting, a prestigious location in the heart of London.”