2017 Edition

On Tuesday 31st October from 11.00am til 18.00pm, Church House, Deans Yard, Westminster, in the heart of London, will again be home to the seventh edition of the Real Italian Wine & Food.
Lesser known Italian regions and their variety of wines and food produce have always been the main focus of the Real Italian Wine & Food event. This year there will be over 50 producers showcasing their wines and their food products. Sardinia will be Region Guest of Honour with over 25 producers attending. However there will be also producers from all other regions, from north to south: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Lazio and Puglia. Some of them will are already represented in the UK market whilst others are actively seeking representation.
The Lazio wine producers will be presenting the DOC Roma, The DOC is an Italian government guarantees of the wines origin. However this doesn’t mean that non-DOC wines are bad. The DOC Roma wines will be premiered on the UK market at the Real Italian Wine & Food. Grapes of the territory where the DOC Roma are cultivated were on the largest volcano of Europe, near Rome, in the Castelli Romani region, where the mouths of the ancient volcano are now lakes and valleys. The volcanic origin, in addition to high fertility, provides a land rich of minerals. In that territory, vines find a congenial and flawless ecosystem.

And now, Sardinia. Region Guest of Honour at this edition of the Real Italian Wine & Food, Sardinia is probably one of the best and most hidden deals that Italy has to offer. The island is famous to most for its white sandy beaches, stone towers called “Nuraghi”, ftom the prehistoric civilization, clear waters and breathless landscapes. Yet it is less known to the UK market for its fantastic variety of wines, red, white as well as dessert ones, that are produced on the island. Amongst them are Vermentino, Torbato, Vernaccia, Malvasia and of course the red full bodied Cannonau.

Peter McCombie , Master of Wine, will hold a Masterclass on Sardinian Wines at 11 on the day of the event. Seats are limited so it is recommended to reserve your place soon.

The Real Italian Wine & Food is strictly trade only

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